Saturday, June 26, 2010

Don't Read ! Ask !

Earlier in my preparation I used to sit and read and read and read...
When I am trying to answer the questions now , I find some questions confusing . It only means I didn't grasp that particular point. Memorizing is all together different , but if we don't understand what we are reading it will not give any kind of remembrance and it will not help us to answer the questions.

I find it useful to ask questions about each and every topic I am reading. For example if I am reading internal control, Instead of reading traditionally I ask myself what is internal control? Take the title and make it a question and ask your self what is it? And if you cannot answer it properly then read the topic and then ask your self the same question.
When you are reading for the first time this increases your enthusiasm and if it is second time it helps to revise.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I am adding a new word to my philosophy which was the only one I missed. We need to perform well to pass. I know if we do all the other things Read Understand Revise Retain Practice we will perform well. But training ourselves in exam conditions is also very important. I wrote many small exams but didn't wrote a practice exam. I know sometimes it may be just coincidence that our badly performed simulation picked out but still I decided to train myself for the worst. 
Again saying : I won't sleep till I become a CPA.