Thursday, November 11, 2010

Errors in Ratios - 'Analysis'

Revising an old topic is really hard, it just feels like reopening the books when you failed. I faced this situation while revising Ratios. It is a topic which peeks into every exam.Well we have some new ratios to cheer up. But still, I was resisting a lot inside, to do it again. Surprisingly I dragged myself to do the past exam problems and the truth gave me a wake up call. I did nearly 40% problems wrong. Its not the kind of questions that were unique but my mind set didn't helped me to give my very best.

First thing, I didn't read the questions right and for some questions I calculated wrong. Silly mathematical errors. In a question they gave balances of 2004 but the next line was not a balance but an Increase over 2003, but I didn't read the question correctly. And the psychometric thing caught me really bad, because they had that wrong answer right there.

Glad that this is not the real exam. I would die for the rest of my life. And in another question they asked Average collection period and I did till DTO and chose the answer that was just DTO and what a it !! they gave that answer too.

Friends mindset is very important while doing problems. Be alert, Love your work, otherwise your dislike reflects in your performance and our psychos are right there to catch us..

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My mobile wallpapers (self made) Focus

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Monday, November 1, 2010

My version of goofy chart, SFAC2

Habits and expectations

Yesterday I was very upset; it's the old expectation problem. It was on my mind all day and I did some soul-searching and heart talking. So I wanted to bring some changes into my life, I searched on-line and found this interesting article.  Gretchen talks about how difficult it is to change a habit Some authors wrote books on, How to change your habits in 21 days.  And I know how difficult it is to change a habit.  It is just not the amount of time but also the dedication and motivation that are very much needed. 
Everybody knows how difficult it is not to expect. But I want to give it a try and continuously remember it every day and every time I need .I don't know how much and how near I can get to that point, but giving an honest attempt is what I can do. You may be wondering, why is it so important to not to expect?  My answer to this question is twofold; the first thing being it depends on the person, if you are talking about a person. because if you know for sure that the person from whom you are expecting is not going to meet your expectations there is no way that the person is capable of doing things that you want him/her to do or simply not willing, what ever.  I know it is a wise thing to just not to expect but it is the most difficult thing because irrespective of what your intellectual mind suggest you to do, if you ignore your heart, she never listens to anyone else, she feels what she wants to feel and that creates a lot of pain.  Never ignore your heart, Listen to all that she talks and reason and discuss with her the consequences of such an expectation.  If you try to understand her , she will try to understand you too.
And the second thing is don’t dream of what others can do for you. Dream of things you can do. It’s a ugly little habit we grow up with to dream about things, others do for us, Which is completely not in our court. . So as a happiness target this is a fatal habit that we can overcome with hard practice. Don’t expect them , be happy when they happen but don’t get upset when they don’t, this is just because we are wasting our time dreaming others dreams. You can have expectations on your self and that is what we should be doing.

My whole point in writing this, is to tell you that, it is very difficult to change habits, but with consistency and hard work we can do it, we don't need to be perfect but we should at least try. Remind yourself, what you want to change .Don't get upset if you fail, get up and try again.This applies to our exam preparation too, Break your bad habits and work for your exam.  It is just like giving up smoking, first it is impossible, then it is very hard, and finally you won't even feel like smoking. You wont even remember your bad habit.
Good luck.