Thursday, February 24, 2011

On to next exam

My Next exam is BEC followed by FAR and I am Planning to appear for these exams in April. So I will be preparing for BEC this whole March along with FAR. BEC was my first exam and I passed it in my first attempt. But I lost credit so I am retaking the exam. Giving an exam that you already passed is definitely a painful thing. But I decided to block out those thoughts because it's quite unnecessary to think about that kind of thoughts. I am choosing my best thoughts that can help me pass the CPA Exam.
I used Kaplan Online CPA Review and Wiley CPA Review Book  for my earlier preparation. But my Kaplan CPA Review expired, So I decided to put my trust in Mr.Roger Philipp this time. I will use Roger's BEC Online CPA Review and Roger's FAR Online CPA Review . All my earlier preparations were done using a combination of different reviews. But I am quitting that approach this time for BEC and FAR.After keeping my feet on different boats for long, It's clear to me now that going with only one Review will help me focus better.
Once I receive my review materials, I will share with you my time table for BEC and FAR preparation.

Friday, February 18, 2011

What's New (2010)

For those who don't have time to look into Publication 17 to see what's New.. I made this small video ..I recorded this when I referred it. Hope this helps.

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