Thursday, May 31, 2012

Audit report notes

Std Audit Report

Aud preparation Introduction

I started Auditing preparation. I am using Yaegar CPA Review again. I am thinking of sharing my notes along with my posts. Just finished the introductory chapter ..So this is my notes .. Don't worry about my handwriting , it's just fine..I am using bamboo so it looks like I am in kindergarten. Aud Introduction Notes

REG Exam update

Yesterday was my REG Exam. I waited really long before my exam started. Some Prometric senior staff must understand that we are patient but we don't have all the time in the world. I was there 45 minutes before my appointment time but my exam started 15 minutes late, appointment time. I might not have mentioned this if my baby didn't waited for me.

Key points of this exam are :

  1. Some questions repeated twice in same module, same question just answers were at random.(ya! I know the answer)
  2. Same questions repeated in three modules
 Those people who think if they want to guess , answer C, thing , I don't know I was never convinced about that , But looking at this experience you might understand that their questions may be same, but their answers are changing at random. I told you earlier, it is just a small program and their answers can be changed at random. I was right.

About getting same questions in the same module and same questions in three modules. I cannot explain why? May be NASBA should look into this.

Few of Simulations are like can be answered straight forward from what we prepare for exam, but for some I  looked into the Authoritative literature to confirm and do the problem.So for MCQ's don't eat all the time. The recommended 30 min duration for three test-lets is enough and good. Stick to your clock and finish them with in 1and half hour. its okay if you take a few mins more but don't eat up the time more than 5 mins into the sims. Some of your simulations need time. Over all I did well. Don't want to sound like I did amazing but this was better than any of my earlier REG exam. Don't know if it is my feeling..but that's what I am feeling..I did better.I used Yaegar CPA Review for this exam and Thanks Mr.Phil Yaegar .

Again, Don't forget your Government Ids and NTS to exam center. Prometric Appointment confirmation is not required, If you carry that print out, it is a good thing but not necessary. But if you forget your NTS you won't be allowed in.

Prepare well and you will Pass this exam..

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