Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Career Tips For Aspiring Accounting Students by George Hillston

Let me introduce my Guest blogger today, George Hillston. He shares with us Career tips useful for Accounting students. 

For students and professionals entering into the job market, an accounting career offers a variety of rewarding opportunities. The accounting field offers stability for individuals seeking these jobs. Businesses need employees to report and analyze the finances of the company and the accountant meets this need. When someone decides to pursue a career in accounting, they should look at what companies need from accountants and how they can serve the company. These career tips will help you advance in your own accounting career.

Know the basics

While you may not be an expert in every area of accounting, especially if you are still a student, you should know the basics. Understand the primary financial statements, such as the income statement and balance sheet. Learn the basics of recording financial transactions. Companies hire students and beginning accountants for entry level positions. However, these companies also want to see that the people they hire have an initial foundation of knowledge in place. This allows the company to train the employee on their own specific accounting practices.

Understand Different Accounting Roles

The accounting field consists of several different specialties. Some accountants focus on financial reporting. Others work on analyzing costs. Some spend their days reviewing the costs of fixed assets. When looking at various
jobs in accounting, understand what role each job expects the accountant to fulfill. The skills needed for each role vary considerably. Prepare for the position by researching the needs of each particular position.

Join Professional Organizations

Professional organizations, such as the Institute of Management Accountants or the American Institute of CPAs, provide resources for accounting professionals to continue developing their skills. Accountants who maintain current with industry knowledge provide greater value for their employer. In addition, these organizations provide networking opportunities where accountants meet and build relationships with colleagues. Accountants use these networks to hire new employees or to find new accounting jobs.

Pursue Certification

In an accounting career, people hold a variety of qualifications. People come into an accounting position with varying levels of education. Most have undergraduate degrees. Some have graduate degrees. Others hold certifications, such as a Certified Public Accountant or a Certified Management Accountant. Certified accountants hold an advantage over others competing for accounting jobs. Certification also opens opportunities for accountants to receive promotions in the workplace.


Find opportunities to volunteer and share your accounting skills with others. Volunteering allows you to demonstrate your skills while helping out your community. Volunteering opportunities for accountants include serving as treasurer for a nonprofit, counting donations collected, filing tax returns or compiling financial data for reporting purposes. Many accountants make professional connections with others by participating in activities like these. These activities also add to the qualifications listed on your resume.

Speak At Public Events

Many nonprofit organizations seek speakers for their events. These organizations may or may not have the resources to pay a speaker. However, those accountants who choose to speak at these events gain recognition as an expert. When companies are seeking an accountant, they often remember the speaker at that event. These companies may seek you out directly to discuss opportunities within their organization. You can also add public speaking events to your resume.

Publish Your Knowledge

Take the opportunity to write articles on various accounting or financial topics. Write editorials and send them in to your local newspaper. As your name gets published on a regular basis, you will develop a reputation as a skilled accountant. You can draw on this reputation as you pursue accounting jobs. Share your publications with potential employers by listing these on your resume.

While job seeking in the accounting field can represent a high level of competition, there are also many different opportunities for accounting professionals to take advantage of. These tips won’t guarantee you career success. But they will greatly improve your chances.


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  3. This tips are incredible! So perfect for aspiring accounting students! Thanks for sharing this article!


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  7. The best thing about the accounting industry is that there are tons of jobs/opportunities out there. As my tax professor always said, "as long as the government exists, there will be full employment for tax accountants."

    I would also add to your article that people should be willing to do internship. Most big firms hire more interns than outsiders. Thanks for the great article!

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  9. Thanks for these tips! I'm interviewing at a few accounting firms next week.

  10. Thanks for sharing! These are some great pointers for most candidates to start their prep on the right note.

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  12. Great tips George!
    One thing I would like to add is: make sure to get to know your accounting professors outside of class. When accounting recruiters come on to campus they usually go straight to the professors to ask for advice about who to interview. Speaking with your accounting professors during their office hours about career advice can go a long way. They will know you by name and often recommend you to the recruiters.

  13. It is definitely worth reading before deciding to study accounting and usefull tips after entering studies.

  14. Great post. I've found that setting your sites on *certification* can help motivate and shape your trajectory as you join the work force.

  15. I wish I would have found your blog a few years ago when I was wondering what to do with my life as a freshman in college. I ultimately decided on accounting because of the numbers oriented job requirements as well as the job security. Next stop is the CPA for me... I look forward to reading your tips on that as well!

    Kelsey E. Hunter
    Tulane University, NOLA

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