I can't stop these passing hours
Nor these falling tears
Nor fighting fears

Time moves with falling leaves and blazing heats
And my heart still beats

I see around, now I can see my self
Tracks of tears and goals to reach
Its time to feel new and alive

Patience calls for determination
And now I'm seeing the bay
Till I reach my goal, I sleep on CPA

When I was struggling with my personal problems and it was hard for me to concentrate and study, even a single page, It really crushed me to the core. On one side I was aware of my being unable to concentrate and on the other side the increasing pressure of being qualified was lot more stressful.

And after a lot of self help and hard work, I finally could tell myself that I need to invest my time and efforts in nothing but my goals. And That is what I told my self , Sleep on it. ( Was reading ,Jane Teresa Anderson's 'Sleep on it', She inspires me).I need to make my world a new place... where every thing I want to achieve is going to occupy my life and I told myself .I should( sounds mandatory now) sleep on CPA to become one.

A small note to those who misinterpret my blog name: 

I work at nights some times and it's not like, I only work at nights and I don't sleep at all. I make sure I get 7 to 8 hrs of sleep. If you don't sleep, it will catch you one way or the other.  You may have sleep deprivation effects and that may lead to ill health.

'Sleep on CPA' means you need to think about CPA Exam, work on it and spend time on it and then you will pass this exam. It does not mean literally like don't sleep and read. If you don't have much time because of your work or family conditions, for few months you may need extra hours to read but those who can read day time should read while it is easy to work.

I changed my words from , I won't sleep to I won't rest ..and it also doesn't mean, I don't rest at all, it only means, I will not stop till I become a CPA. This blog is to inspire my self, share my feelings, notes and journey and inspire you to pass this exam.

Sleep on CPA means Read Understand Revise Retain Practice Perform and Pass the CPA Exam. It does not mean, Don't rest or sleep and become ill.