Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reg Exam update

When your preparation is not so Good.. You feel like everything is in the mind and nothing feels clear. Even straight forward questions you answered feel doubtful. And the end feels like you didn't performed well. I did my best but I am not satisfied with my performance. It just ends up to waiting for the result to see how I performed. My disturbed preparation showed up. I am not so proud to write this but this is what happened.

First test-let was the difficult one, Second was easy and third was medium. Simulations were pretty easy. I managed time well as advised by  Mr.Roger of Roger CPA Review. I had little inconvenience due to my pregnancy situation because I couldn't take a break in the 3hr exam but I managed some how. When the exam  ended the whole screen went blank before it concluded , I asked a staff member for assistance and she restarted the computer and made me enter my launch code and said ," It happens all the time, we have instructions from NASBA, If ever the screen goes blank after the exam ends, we just need to restart the computer and ask the candidate to enter their launch code". She confirmed me that my exam will be fine.

I was so surprised to find a girl at Prometric who doesn't even know what NTS is!!! She brought a print out of Prometric appointment confirmation. When a staff member was asking her for NTS, she was clueless. A staff member explained her what NTS is and told her to get a printout from her NASBA emails from a nearby Kinkos. I showed her my NTS and she came back with a print out of NTS and wrote her exam.

I started my FAR preparation and planning to appear in the first week of October. Being pregnant and prepare for exam and do a job is not an easy affair. Still I want to do it because I want to become a CPA and it makes me happy.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mobile wallpaper

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Monday, August 8, 2011


My friend Anna sent me few words on how to prepare.. She is a brilliant young lady who never fails to surprise me and never fails to show her affection and care. Her few little words inspired me and I felt like, I should share her own words with you ..She sent me these words few days back, when I was little worried about my preparation and loss of time..

In her own words..
Best thing is to relax and tell yourself that you will do well, and not only tell yourself- believe it. KNOW it, know your material and know you are great and will do well. BE THE MATERIAL! It is a part of yooou!
You can put it in your brain and then it is a part of your memory, your brain, so it is like a part of you. Not strange or foreign. Just a part of you. So it comes down to how well you know that part of you.  
Hats off.. dear friend ♡.. 
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Desire to breathe

From last 14 days.. All our family members are going through a very difficult time. My father is in ICU and he is still battling with death. God kept us in a very tricky situation ..My Dad's heart is partially damaged due to an earlier stroke. So from last few years he is maintaining it on medicines. There is nothing any doctor can do for his heart because it's not a treatable condition. The only solution is heart transplant and it is not a viable option for various reasons.
Doctors advised us to discontinue his life support because there is not even 1% hope. But we continued it for 12 days and finally two days back we brought him home but nothing happened as doctors said and he is still breathing and making us realize what it means to have a loved one alive for one more day. Though we are in financial troubles we are choosing to keep him in doctor's care. At this point of time we don't understand how long his heart will let him live .. Though there is no hope of recovery, I only want him to die peacefully and happily.