Sunday, May 22, 2011

BEC Exam experience

BEC was my first exam and I passed it in my first attempt. But because of my Epic fail last year with a 74 in REG and 70 in FAR, I had to appear for BEC again. Preparing and appearing for a passed exam is not a pleasant experience and please never get into a rut like this. If I had passed those two subjects, I might be very relaxed now. Okay I won't go into ifs and buts of what if situations. Let me walk through my BEC exam today.

I was relaxed, more than that I prepared myself not to get tense and stress myself. So last night I told myself, This is what I can do and I did that so I will leave the rest to my performance and then to God. So I was not really stressed. I had enough sleep but I was little tired because of revisions and continuous sitting for hours. I woke up around 8.30 and revised everything quickly. I wanted to go back to sleep but I keep telling my self to concentrate on revision. I just ate yogurt and a small sandwich but before 11.30 I threw up twice. I left house by 11.30 and I threw up again in car. My husband drove me to Prometric. He didn't said any thing. I sent him for ginger candy while I waited and show off my Kindle. I went inside before he came back. 

As it was not month end I was the only one who was sitting for CPA Exam. I watched another exam guy who was debating rules with the staff over his exam code not working and there was no one who could help him with that. After answering all his questions a staff member came to me and collected my ID and NTS. I removed my items and locked them and went in. Then I was told to remove scarf. She checked my Id and asked me to sign in and then she asked me to go back and lock my NTS after I entered my launch code on the paper booklet. Then I told her about my nausea and asked her how should I proceed in case I want to throw up. She looked at me as if I was asking some thing illegal. She said, as you are not a candidate with special needs I cannot allow you to sit in a special needs room. I asked," Can I leave the room If I have some emergency? She said you can throw up beside you , we will clean later. 

I really had no reaction on my face when she said that. I asked, Do we have any waste basket inside? She said, No we don't keep waste baskets inside. There is nothing we can do about it. She discussed with another lady and said, We cannot provide you the room with special needs, you should sit in the same room and there is nothing we can do. You can only take breaks in between your test-lets. After appearing in this exam more times than I passed.. Excuse me I know Prometic rules.. 

I prayed God and with all the prayers of my friends and family members, I felt better and the whole exam went well. I was little tired but thats ok. 

Well about the BEC Exam.. the first thing I did was to write the count down timings as told my Mr.Roger of Roger CPA Review. His final review walks you thorough the exam and will prepare you well. It really helped because I was watching the clock and I know exactly how many more minutes I had. The first test let was medium difficulty one..Except four of the 24 questions I did well. Those four questions were confusing. I marked my best answers. My second test let was the difficult one. I took one hour for that irrespective of my best effort. I really had trouble with some questions in the test-let. They were really very confusing and twisted.  I used my discretion and gave my best answers. I completed my last test-let in less than 30 minutes. You can guess this is the easier one. 

I was on time for written communications. As planned by Mr. Roger I had 45 minutes to complete last test-let. I have nothing to say much here. I did well. My advise is to watch the clock and type really fast. And stay on topic. 

Trivia :

  1. If are using calculator for one problem, you don't have to close it before you proceed to your next problem. It closes the program and when you open it again, your cache is cleaned.
  2. Please practice your sample test calculator. That can ease your life on exam.
  3. You can use CTRL + C and CTRL + V for copy and paste options. 
  4. You cannot use your arrow keys to browse through your questions.
  5. Number your calculations on your paper in case you want to look again. 
  6. Write down the count down on the first sheet and it will help you monitor your time.
  7. Don't panic, If you cross your time. If that question is taking a lot of time. Skip, Mark and complete rest of your questions.
  8. You cannot copy text from one written communication to other. You will hear..Plz.. I know you are smart.
  9. Prometric only accepts valid government approved ID's . Your debit card won't work..
After I completed my exam and signed off, They said, I did well and didn't threw up inside. I accepted her best wishes for me and baby and waited for my husband to pick me up. I read in-style magazine and temporarily got excited about a coupon which I discovered belonged to last year . I tossed those stale magazines only to watch a staff member sharpen pencils in a sharpener for the next 5 minutes. 

Thank God !!! I must eat Mexican to night..Even if I throw up.
Gumbo is calling.. cya..

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  1. what score did you get

  2. I'm having trouble with the Written Communication part, could you please help me on this one?