Thursday, March 31, 2011

CPA - it can be done!

How can we become a CPA Exam topper?

This was the first question I asked Mary.K., when she sent me her CPA Exam pass notice. I met Mary on twitter, when I requested CPA Exam veterans to send me their pass notice (as my every day feel good factor), She responded and emailed me her pass notice and said," It is really hard, and most of us do take more than one time to get through it. I got way better scores the last times than the first ;) " and the subject of her email was;  CPA - it can be done! Let me share her pass notice with you so that you will understand why I choked when I saw it.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

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Friday, March 11, 2011

BEC Time table

I started my BEC Preparation, This is my BEC time table for March . I will be updating this timetable and it will be automatically updated from google docs.  I am watching  Roger CPA Review online videos and doing MCQ's from Wiley CPA Review. Revisions are also scheduled along with working for TBS.  My time table is based on Roger CPA Review. This is a sample version of my timetable to give you an idea.

To see the updated time table document  Click here 


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

CPA- Career choice of the smartest

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Wallpaper self made

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Friday, March 4, 2011

New materials

Yay!!! My new materials arrived. It always feels good to read from a new book. Studying from an old book with highlights and pencil  remarks may decrease your burden but if it is for reading again, I don't think it will lift your spirits. My friend always advices to buy a new book if it is necessary to read again -applies for exam study courses in specific.

Roger BEC online CPA Review  contains their own text book with theory and class questions which is essential for following their videos along with Wiley CPA Review text book which they advice us to use it like a workbook. They also send us Wiley Test bank CD which connects to their online test bank. Mr.Roger Philip is a very energetic person, His enthusiasm and jokes will make the lecture move really smooth. Its feels like he got the same energy from start to finish. I must ask Mr.Roger to share us his energy secret .

For now my preparation is like, Watching the lectures and scribble running notes and then do MCQ's . Will share my time table in the next post.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

CPA Exam Study and Dark circles

It's almost certain that each one of us use a concealer to hide those dark truths. Guys, this article is not about beauty tips for girls. Until recently I thought being in a life where we worry,  get anxious and stress out and spend our valuable time staring Laptops, it is impossible to avoid straining eyes.
I swear I'm not going to reveal an excellent product in the market that can erase them or cover up flawlessly. But the truth is using a salmon colored concealer or some excellent discovery that makeup artists will swear by is not going to decrease the amount of strain your eyes face every day.
As we cannot avoid our laptops or stop studying or quit our professions. We must understand that this is our daily life and we should incorporate some habits that can restore our eyes and body to function well and regain their balance.
I started doing yoga which I ignored for almost 2 years now. I understood that keeping my body in exam mode and stressing out all the time will ruin its natural state. Our natural state being peaceful, calm, in present and happy.

When you are in your bed and about to sleep. I want you to relax, take deep breaths and use your two ring fingers to gently massage your eyes in circular motion in the direction of blood flow. You can simply rub your eyes gently in circular motion  too. I read in a book that our ring finger got that right amount of pressure which we need for our eyes.  But every other book got a theory about it. But after trying all  fingers for massage, I feel ring finger gives right pressure compared with other fingers.

For your right eye, it is anti- clockwise and for your left eye, it is clockwise (while giving massage for your self). Please refer the diagram if my explanation is confusing or you try to watch yourself as a spectator. Continue massaging your eyes for at least 5 minutes. This will increase the blood flow in your eyes and will help them to heal and restore. I massage my eyes when ever I feel my eyes are tired.Though learning about how to massage will help more but please know that doing 'something' is more important than doing nothing. I will include some good links which can help you if you want to learn more.

These are some techniques which will help to reduce the amount of strain on eyes..
  1. Try to blink your eyes as many times as you can to avoid drying .
  2. Every five or ten minutes avoid watching your laptops for few seconds and look at some distant object.
  3. Gently rub your eyes in circular motion (in the direction of blood flow) in intervals while studying.
  4. Avoid spending long hours on laptops when it is not necessary.
  5. Don't stare your monitor continuously.
  6. Close your eyes and relax.
  7. Drink lots of water.
  8. Eat nutritious food.
  9. Know that being healthy is way too glamorous than using makeup.
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