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Tech CPA Exam Preparation

Technology adds ease in our preparation. As we are in the generation of online CPA Exam reviews, We should take advantage of  Audio reviews, Video reviews and all different software available today. This post is about the list of software I use in my exam preparation. I  may sound like a  'Techie', Don't worry , I'm not going to list every program  I tried. My laptop is loaded with Microsoft Windows XP Media center, But most of these software are Mac compatible and free.

PDF Readers : Foxit vs. Adobe PDF reader

Earlier in those old days, when we used to think that Adobe owns pdf files and ever since most of us are loyal to Adobe reader for using their PDF files. But you must try other PDF software to see what kind of advanced features are now available in those software. I prefer Fox it reader more than Adobe PDF reader for a variety of reasons.. Those features available in fox it are advanced and easy to use. To try this software click here .. I am sure you may don't want to go back to Adobe PDF reader again. In near future I will make a tutorial on how to use fox it in your preparation ..

Text to Speech Readers :

If you are using an online CPA Exam Review and you read online, use Text to speech readers and relax and let them read to you. I would suggest using ATT or other company's true voices which are more clear   and true human like reading. Well those free voices that are available online are good enough but if you prefer a more human like reading invest in a Natural voice and you won't regret.  You can download some free buddies and also convert your text files to MP3 files for easy listening.

Hear a demo of ATT True voices Click here
Some of my favorite TTS readers are
  1. Deskbot
  2. Free Read
Speech Recognition Software :

I am using Dragon Speech Recognition software.. Dragon speech recognition software makes it easier for anyone to use a computer. You talk, and it types. Use your voice to create and edit documents or emails, launch applications, open files, control your mouse, and more.

This software is useful in writing your notes and if you are a blogger or a writer..this software works like magic. You can train it to suit  your accent. Very accurate and easy to use. It's time to close that language tool bar in MS office.

Audio recording: 

I mentioned about this software when I wrote a post about Making your own Audio CPA Review.  My favorite is  Audacity . There are other paid software but because Audacity is free and serves our purpose,
I only mentioned Audacity.

Writing Tablets: 

If you like to write your notes in your own handwriting , Tablets are ease to use, be it be Bamboo or iPad or any economy tablets they all are good enough to use.

Print to PDF :

I use this software every day. This software prints any document or text file to pdf.  To  read more about this and to download this software..   Click here 


Some other miscellaneous software
  •  Mobi Pocket creater :  For creating ebooks and kindle files 
  • Smooth Draw : Image editor for easy scribbling of notes in image format
  • Open office : leading open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more..
  • Cue card  : Flash card preparation software 
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