Sunday, January 9, 2011

Managing Stress - Techniques

I am presenting you some amazing videos that can make you understand what stress is and then some videos on how to manage it..

Learn about Stress and how to manage it

Learn to Meditate

Learn Pranayama

More info about Pranayama is here

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Hour log

As I told you earlier, I will be devoting some part of my time for self development. Improving my habits to learning useful things and working on  learning strategies are part of my Life management goals.
I observed that When I start doing things I like, I forget my surroundings and forget time too. Though my performance in that work is outstanding they can consume a major part of my time reducing the time for my preparation.
So in order to keep track of the hours I spend on CPA Exam preparation and on other things including chores and other activities. I opened a word file and named  it 'Hour log'. I will include a draft of the file for your use.
There is no need to spend your hours on this... Just note a word or a line to have an idea.. This is not a diary.. don't keep it lengthy..If you want a diary , keep it separate..Well we have many calender and time tracking software.. But for some reason I found this useful. Alternatively you can also track your time on your PDA devices and also in a simple diary. These statistics will help us to know how much time we are investing in fruitful things and how much time we are procrastinating.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

I tried my best to stop this year from coming, but no use it refused to stop. I realized, I cannot do that. There is a limitation on what I can do and what I cannot.
This may be a little exaggeration of how I feel but I decided to hold on to my optimism and may not be in a distorted sense but seeking the truth as it is. May be its true, 'pain is the best teacher'. And every wound makes you strong. I  felt like , It cant get any worse, I am done with the worse.
I remembered a childhood incident, when I was scheduled for a shot, I spent a whole day worrying about the coming doctor appointment. It was even worse when I reached there. I was shaking inside trying to imagine it with my extraordinary capacity of creativity. And when the whole thing is over which lasted a couple of seconds, It really didn't pained at all than my own fear which lasted two days and tortured me.
Well at that point of time I didn't have the maturity to understand the pain, I gave myself. When I remember them now, they look so clear. When the worst thing that you fear happens there is no situation left that can scare you any more. Unless you are addicted to pain and look for something else. Pain and Happines are two extreme emotions you can get addicted to. It's a choice.
I wrote some more resolutions in addition to the above ones.. I am positive that I can reach my goals this year. And I will discuss with you all my efforts in this process.
Friends I wish you a wonderful year ahead. And I am glad that you are sharing it with me.