Saturday, April 14, 2012

REG preparation so far

Preparation with a baby by my side is really different. I am going to share exact facts of my daily preparation. All you mothers out there and people who have very little time to spare, be careful with your preparation. Don't try to be Jack of all trades, its going to make your life really miserable. First priority being able to complete our preparation goals.Babies never ask for permission. They take up your energy and time and of course make you happy too.
Try to reduce your chores to minimum, Learn creative ways to keep your baby engaged or hire a baby sitter. As and when my baby sleeps or busily engaged in playing I turn my book pages to revise and listen to Yeager CPA online Review , I can write my notes or doubts there itself . I prepared a plan , to be honest I revise my plans but I at least know how to proceed. I keep my mind on lesson and listen to Phil's lecture keeping one hand on my baby. I am sharing the picture of Yaegar CPA Review online page so that you can see how it looks.
What ever the situation is I am managing to proceed and study , so never give up friends you can do it ..You can prepare for this exam walking on a treadmill too.. Keep pushing your self..