Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Not giving up

Sometimes I feel, I don't know when to give up. In fact I am not planning to give up. Why should I give up? But I do understand that I should not repeat same mistakes.And I fully understand the reasons why I failed my previous attempts.
I want to blog and track my preparation so that I know what is important in my life. Though for others, my problems look silly but if it is a problem to me, I will attend to it. I am following Phil Yaegar this time.
I started preparing for REG. First thing I did is to print a calender and filed all required things. I decided to do MCQ's and Simulations every day. I realized irrespective of what ever my preparation is, if I fail to perform well in exam, it doesn't really matter how good I prepared. So this time my strategy is getting myself ready for the exam.
My new Yaegar materials arrived. I will start with Individual Tax. My earlier post on Yaegar preparation http://www.sleeponcpa.com/2010/09/my-yeager-preparation.html

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Death and Birth

Dying is like getting audited by the IRS--something that only happens to other people ... until it happens to you.- JEROME P. CRABB

Last year was really tough  for me. I was pregnant and my dad was sick. I tried my best to keep myself engaged. I prepared for BEC and passed it. But later because of increasing stress my doctor advised me to reduce my stress as less as possible. I couldn't avoid stressing out because of my dad's illness and pregnancy. And in my 7 month of pregnancy my dad passed away. I was in a shock and couldn't even understand what exactly happened. My dad lives in another country and I was not allowed to travel. I wish no body should be in such a position. I didn't saw my dad and probably will never.

Later in October last year I delivered a baby girl and ever since I was a busy new mom. I can't believe how time passed and she is already 4 months old. Everything is so great but inside I am little sad that I lost my AUD credit and didn't passed REG or FAR. I did a minimal preparation and attempted REG and FAR this January and ended up getting 73 and 65 .. Its kind of sad that I am still lingering around 74 and 73 for REG and if it is not my bad preparation, its definitely my bad performance.

I started preparing for REG again. I want to say its not because of any review that I failed. I used Roger CPA Review and Gleim test preparation software but I want to say they are the best. If Roger didn't helped me I don't think I would have landed on 73. But its just my lack of proper preparation I ended up like this. 

This time for preparation I want to change my material and books and everything, just want a change that's it. I chose Yaegar CPA Review this time. And really want this to be my last attempt and I want to do this as my one final attempt. I will do everything to pass.