Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ex Boy friend attitude

Hi Rose,

For the last 2 yrs I was studying hard for the CPA. I passed FAR but the credit expired. I took REG four times (last time I tried I got 74!), I took BEC four times as well and like REG last time I tried I got 74. In 2012 I decided to take a break because it was hard to keep studying and failing. Now I would like to try again in 2013. But my energy and motivation levels are really low. After reading some of the post here I feel the urge to start again and pass the CPA. I used Wiley, CPAexcel and Gleim. I had spent so much money between the fees and the courses. But something inside me tell me I can do it, but I need a push to start again. Any advice how can I start? Any words of advice and wisdom for me?! Thanks for any help

Dear Anon,

Wishing to Pass this exam is always a good start. Candidates who passed this exam, are not extraordinarily intelligent, they told them selves they have the will to pass this exam . You might ask me, Is it enough to have a will to pass this exam ? As I said, It's a very good start. And then every one of us should sit few hours before the study material. And we should tell our selves, This is very hard. But like an old boy friend we must hang on, We will come back to our study material. We sit there with a trace of tears in our eyes. But we will smile once our study material is open. ( we may never know when we will get a smile back, LOL just kidding).
Well the point is having a little sense of humor when our backs ache and we will have an urge to watch movies/videos, play games ..etc which will eat our time and burn the little fuel left in our vehicle. We must tell our selves.. its hard, but I am going to do it today. I will complete this chapter as planned. I am tough , I am tougher and this thing aint going to bring me down. The harder we feel the closer we move towards giving up. So let that frustration,doubt and difficulty pass by. Smile a little, You are a real Super man/girl. You are willing to endure those difficult moments of sitting before books and trying your very best to concentrate and complete the planned schedule. Your difficulties of every nature are accepted with love and you still choose to complete those MCQ's. 
Every single second, every single minute when our backs ache, eyes burn and we are left behind and no one ever going to believe we can do it, including self denial and at the bottom of  confidence levels.. Still hang on every single day .. and study..Don't try to learn tricks of trade..learn the stuff...

Read Understand Revise Retain Practice Perform

Every person go through all the stages, including me, I get very depressed some times, I cry, I ask for help, I feel like quitting too. They are all part and parcel of our emotional development. But still our will to pass this exam is like haunting. Its like that ex boy friend . it's the hope, it's the madness and it's the motivation. Even if you are not sure whether you have that will, Which I presume is not correct because even at this moment when you are reading this.. You want to become a CPA. Oh yes !! you want to .Don't worry about start and fail.. Choose your study material, make a plan and study, forget about your past. Don't repeat mistakes. If you feel less motivated at times, its okay, don't worry, just tell your self, "its ok to feel bad at times. But now I feel good when I study". Make some changes in your life. Use good positive affirmations. Visualize 74 turning to 77 or even 99. Try managing your energy, negative thinking eats up most of your energy. Please study well , If we don't invest enough time for our study its difficult to pass this exam. So plan it well, study smart and you will pass this exam. 

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  1. This is so true! We have to be like the ex-boyfriend who won't let go and persist until we pass.