Friday, September 21, 2012

Aud Retake

The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm.
-Aldous Huxley

I was almost giving up but my friends encouraged me and stood beside me. I realized even though we tell our selves thousand times to stay calm and focused, if we are really disturbed and we have too many things on our mind, it won't help us to concentrate.
If you have too many issues in your head, please attend to them and come back to study with a clear head. You cannot concentrate and think about thousand things at the same time. Happiness is no doubt a boosting factor to study well.
I am using Yaegar CPA Review and supplementing it with Gleim test preparation software for Auditing and Regulation. My Auditing credit expired so I am retaking it next month.
If  you never used Gleim test preparation software before, Please take a look at Gleim Software. Gleim is offering this software for free download. You can download and use the trial version and even access one chapter for free. Try it and see it your self.
Special thanks to my #twudygroup friends.


  1. I lost credit for Audit too and will be retaking it later this year. Good Luck to you Rose!

  2. what is your overall opinion of the Gleim test prep software relative to the other programs out there? I personally feel it is good for those with prior experience with a guided course. for first timers however, do you feel it is prudent to go with an "unguided" review course?

  3. I am using their Test preparation software. If we buy their software it comes with a book in the combo. Its all about practicing MCQ's well. And it serves well. Their explanations are well written. And customized exam options help us to target our weak areas well. MCQ's are 60% so Practicing them well is important along with TBS.

  4. Hello all, I saw that you mentioned CPA Exam Prep software in your post, and wanted to just let you know of an alternative resource, in case you wanted to expand your tool selection. The program is provided by Fast Forward Academy, and they have a free trial as well. You can go to to have a look. Good luck in your testing!

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